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Enjoy below offers upon specific spending at selected shops^! Let’s earn the points at the same time!

  1. Get $100 coupon upon spending of $300 or above (including $50 Entertainment coupon & $50 retail coupon.) and NWD Made-in-HK Kid Mask

Redemption period: From 12 Sep, 2020 until stocks last
Takeaway offer redemption venue and time: L2 DP Club Member Counter (10am – 9pm)

1. Need to become DP Club members and to redeem at L2 DP Club Counter on the SAME day.
Entertainment and retail coupon can be used upon purchase of $100 or above only.
3. Each customer can redeem each coupon for once only in a day.


Tenants which accept Entertainment Coupon
Can be used as $50 upon purchase of $100
NAMCO, Jumpin Gym U.S.A

Tenants which accept Retail Coupon
Can be used as $50 upon purchase of $100

Donut Village all retail shop (exclude Donut Café、Chali、 Baekmidang and DMind & the Prince) ,Eslite & Eslite , Children’s Bookstore, Chicks lifestyle, Reading Park , 返學用品節, Tiger Family週未限定店, K-SWISS, DC ONE, Bodycare
, Manna Organic Station, Meka 美康, Best wishes, Toy Carnival, Baby Kingdom Mall

Terms and conditions apply for all of the above promotion.

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