DP Club Privileges

Valued DP Club members will enjoy a range of exclusive privileges. Please click for more details:

You are required to bind your DP Club membership with your K Dollar Program account to continue earning and spending K Dollars faster and easier.



Bonus Points Redemption

You can burn K Dollar upon spendings, also redeem your favorite gifts or $20/$50/$100 Gift Voucher by using K points at D PARK CS counter or via D PARK website/mobile app.

My DP Club member portal


Spending Rewards

Redeem premium gifts with accumulated spending. Please click here for details.

Birthday Offers

Enjoy your birthday with surprises from DP Club.

Members are entitled to extra 3x K Dollar upon single purchase of HK$200 within your birth month.

Member Events

DP Club members are given priority to enjoy D·PARK activities or events with exclusive incentives.

Free rental of Child Shopping Cart

Your child can shop around D·PARK with you in the safe and colorful shopping cart.

Member Privileges

Shopping Bonus K Points ($1=1 Points)
Tenants’ Year Round Offer
Monthly Spending Reward
Please refer to the terms of the promotion)
Multiple Points Reward Promotion
Birthday Offer
Parking Offer
Rental of Child Shopping Cart