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Donut, a primary school boy, he might not be the smartest student at school. However, he is a positive, persistent and adventurous boy with cheerful disposition. He has a very good temper and always looks at things on their bright side. However, he is a bit shy and may be too quiet sometimes.
Donut is aware of his limitations, but has been brought up to believe in education, so he is eager to learn.
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One day, Donut goes to a shopping mall. There is a carnival with a magic show. We will soon learn that the Magician in the show is actually a highly intelligent cat, Ah Meow. Ah Meow is from the Furry Feline Planet, a world of benevolent cats. When the magician gives Donut a pair of special glasses, he can see that the magician is actually Ah Meow!
Ah Meow told Donut that his mission is to find special agents on planets throughout the galaxy. Only people with a good heart can become an agent and Donut has been chosen. Now Donut will be dedicated to help others.
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Donut is given a special watch so that he can contact any of the 8 magical animals which each of them is with a special skill. They can help Donut analyze problems and solve them creatively.
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'Donut and Ah Meow’ is an animated TV series featuring Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory. Each story is based on a problem or challenge that Donut encounters.
No human being is without flaws. The theme of the show is that education and a broad definition of creativity and intelligence are the exciting way to implement self-improvement. What if everyone carries the same positive attitude? Yes, a bright and happy future is for sure possible.